The Lucy Marie Francis International School of Energy & Healing

Tuition, guidance, support and Attunements worldwide; from Reiki First Degree through to Master Teacher Level.

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What if you could bring a sense of peace, healing and great wellbeing into every day? If you could give yourself and your loved ones the gift of healing, clear blockages and bring numerous benefits to you all?

Reiki First Degree empowers you to practice Reiki on yourself and to share this informally with family, close friends and pets. Everyone is able to become attuned to Reiki and it requires nothing but the willingness to learn on this one day course and become attuned, to then have the ability to create significant positive changes in your life and your close loved ones around you.

You will learn

The Usui Reiki System

The History of Reiki

Precepts and Principles of Reiki

Understanding Energy and Chakras

Self Treatment Hand Positions

Hand Positions to share Reiki with others

Uses for Reiki

And you will receive your First Degree Reiki Attunement.

You will have practice time with each other and a volunteer during the day and will leave confident in the understanding and use of Reiki. You will be able to share your gift with your family members, very close friends and pets.

You will then commence a 21 day Attunement process, where you will commit to practicing Reiki for five to ten minutes every day during this period. Support is available you through this period of self discovery and healing as you energetically shift into the Reiki Attunement.

The Reiki First Degree course includes tuition, a comprehensive manual and the Reiki First Degree Attunement that will last for the rest of your life.

For more information, dates and further Degrees of Reiki, please contact us using the contact page on this website or via email at

For Reiki Healing Sessions (not tuition) please contact us for a current list of approved and fully qualified Reiki Masters & Practitioners who have graduated from The Lucy Marie Francis International School of Energy & Healing

Reiki & Transformational Energy Healing witb Lucy is available as part of your private online Soul Work Expansion Programme with Lucy (approx 6-8 week wait list applies)


Lucy was honoured to be a featured guest in Touch The Reiki Community Magazine UK
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Testimonials from our Students of the

Lucy Francis International

School of Reiki:

‘I liked the way Lucy welcomed me into her class, She is professional and made me feel relaxed, She has a great positive energy and the vibe was fantastic, I am so looking forward to continuing my Reiki journey with Lucy.’

‘I can feel the transformation in my life from the day I got Reiki 1 attuned on me.
I am overwhelmed, my heart and day to day has changed.
I am living a life of Reiki. I use Reiki in everything I do.’

‘My family and friends are so supportive and I had an opportunity to work with my family and friends since the workshop(class) . The feedback I’ve received is that there is a big difference in my energy work, Reiki has helped them to relax more, sleep better and ease the pain.’

‘I feel amazing! I wish I had become attuned to Reiki years ago, especially when my children were younger. I have been giving Reiki Healing to my grandchildren and it has strengthened our bond, which was already strong, but it is definitely now stronger. They think Nana is magic! And I am pleased that I’ve been able to help my dog as he is getting older and pains have set in. He is improving every day and can now walk down the steps outside our house, we don’t have to carry him.’

‘My sleep pattern improvements have actually been one of my favorite parts of Reiki, because I suffered for years with insomnia. If I miss a night of Reiki I always wake up. Then I give myself Reiki and back off to sleep I go! But when I do 5 or 10 mins of Reiki before I fall asleep, I sleep right through the night. I never realised how important my sleep was to me until I started sleeping well. Now I know how much of a walking zombie I have been for years due to lack of sleep. Thanks to Reiki not any more. I recommend Lucy as a teacher to anyone, I had no idea what it was about but she explains everything so well I got it. And I use it.’