lucy marie francis.

We are all Body, Mind and Soul; the latter for many, is often forgotten, neglected or misunderstood. Yet our Soul is an integral part of what makes us who we are, and it is forever Guiding us, towards what we want. When we Connect with our Soul we live our Truth.
We Allow More.’
– Lucy Marie Francis

Are you in Connection with your Soul?

Do you live from a place of Knowing?

Are you living in Joy, Love, Appreciation, Empowerment & Freedom?

When we Connect with our Soul we live our Truth.
We Allow More.

Lucy Marie Francis

Thousands of people across the world have worked with Lucy, all with a similar Intention-

To unearth their Souls Wisdom

Lucy Marie Francis is a leading edge Vibrational Translator with unparalleled success in helping others to AllowMore.

‘I really believe we came here for more, and that we CAN Allow our desires to manifest. But the noise in our minds, the hurts and traumas we’ve encountered and not healed from, the stories we carry and tell, and this prevalent misunderstanding that our Soul is seperate from us and that you have to ‘be special’ to hear it! – all blocks us. YOU ARE SPECIAL, we all are. And it’s not weird to tune in to the ever loving guidance, the clarity, wisdom and inspiration- the next steps even, that your own Soul has, ready, for YOU. Once you begin this journey of Allowing, life gets a whole lot easier. You begin to feel that life is actually working out for you instead of against you. And you open up to the limitless potential that you are, that we all are.’

– Lucy Marie Francis

The AllowMore Day Retreat, Auckland, NZ – FULLY BOOKED

The Allow More Retreat

– A Journey of Connection

with Lucy Marie Francis

Longbay, NZ.


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Signature Sessions with Lucy

‘Deeply transformational, powerfully healing and of the Highest vibration.’

Book your unique and personal online Signature Session with Vibrational Translator and Spiritual Teacher Lucy Francis.

A 1hr 45 min session of Vibrational Translation, Energy Healing, and a wealth of tools, processes and Soul Work to help you to release resistance, the blocks and energy not serving you and shift into your Higher vibration.

These deeply calming and centering sessions Connect you with your very Soul. Perfect to help you to gain more clarity, guidance and insight when your own Alignment alludes you. We all find moments in life that blindside us, where we need extra support or where we feel unsure of our next step and of ourselves. Working with Lucy will help you to untangle the knots and find a clear way forward, back to your Alignment.


‘Your feelings equal your vibration, which is your point of attraction, that the Universe is responding to- bringing you like for like. It’s matching what you feel, with what you receive. There is nothing more important than how you feel. And it all starts with you- how you feel about YOU. ‘