lucy marie francis.

We are all Body, Mind and Soul; the latter for many, is often forgotten, neglected or misunderstood. Yet our Soul is an integral part of what makes us who we are, and it is forever Guiding us, towards what we want. When we Connect with our Soul we live our Truth.
We Allow More.’
– Lucy Marie Francis

YOU came here, into your life, to AllowMore. And you Know this, on a Soul level, which is why it feels so ‘off’ when you live a life that is less than, where you hold yourself back, diminish yourself, dim your own Light, live in lack or deprive yourself. It all goes against your Soul Truths of Love, Joy, Appreciation, Joy, Knowing, Abundance, Passion and Empowerment.

I share my gifts as a Vibrational Translator and Soul Work Guide to help you to do the Allowing, so that what is wanted by you, your desires, can finally come in.

I help you to actively release resistance, the blocks and energy not serving you, and to deeply clear energy (my forte) to shift you into your Higher vibration, Connecting with your Soul Truths and your very Soul. And I share with you leading edge practical, actionable tools and processes so that you can uplift your life going forward.

My Intention is Positive Impact and I work at all times in the Highest Vibration, for your Highest Good.

I hold regular retreats, classes, seminars and workshops across the world, in person and online.

I am also the Founder of The Guided Life | Soul Work Programme. This is my biggest project to date, Allowing you the opportunity to work with me privately over 21 Days to Allow your continual growth and expansion. The Soul Work Programme is a deeply transformational offering for those who are ready to level up. It requires your full commitment and is a fully Guided experience, no prior knowledge or experience necessary. Please note: a Discovery Call is held prior to give you full details of the Soul Work Programme requirements, content and opportunities.

I am honoured to have you here on my website. I love to connect with you on social media (links below) or send me an email at info@lucymariefrancis I truly believe everything happens for a reason- so let me know in your email, what led you HERE, to be reading these words right now?!

Huge love and appreciation

Lucy xx

Soul Nourishment Evenings with Lucy Marie Francis

+ The first Friday of every month (2022) +

Venue: Private booking at Uxbridge Arts & Culture, 35 Uxbridge Road, Mellons Bay, Howick, Auckland, 2014

When: 7pm-930pm, the first Friday of each month (2022) [ Friday: July 8th, August 5th, September 2nd, October 7th, November 4th, December 2nd]

Details: A cosy evening of Connection. Warming Cacao, Guided Meditation, Oracle Card Share & tapping into our Inner Wisdom, to help us to feel grounded, supported & uplifted.

What to bring:
Cosy: comfy clothes, cushions, blankets- think creating your nest!
Hydrate: Waterbottle. Cacao provided.
Scribe: Journal/ Notepad & pen
Inspired: Oracle, Angel or Affirmation Cards (optional as some in class) 
Or travel light and just bring your gorgeous self x

15/05/2022 Auckland, NZ – FULLY BOOKED
Details coming soon of our next Day Retreat!

The Allow More Retreat

– A journey of Connection

with Lucy

March 25 | 26 | 27 2022

Longbay, NZ.


Contact us for your ebrochure with full details of our next retreat.

Signature Sessions with Lucy

‘Deeply transformational, powerfully healing and of the Highest vibration.’

Book your unique and personal online Signature Session with Vibrational Translator and Spiritual Teacher Lucy Francis.

A 1hr 45 min session of Vibrational Translation, Energy Healing, and a wealth of tools, processes and Soul Work to help you to release resistance, the blocks and energy not serving you and shift into your Higher vibration.

These deeply calming and centering sessions Connect you with your very Soul. Perfect to help you to gain more clarity, guidance and insight when your own Alignment alludes you. We all find moments in life that blindside us, where we need extra support or where we feel unsure of our next step and of ourselves. Working with Lucy will help you to untangle the knots and find a clear way forward, back to your Alignment.


‘Your feelings equal your vibration, which is your point of attraction, that the Universe is responding to- bringing you like for like. It’s matching what you feel, with what you receive. There is nothing more important than how you feel. And it all starts with you- how you feel about YOU. ‘