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Guided Life| The 21 Day Soul Work Programme with Lucy Marie Francis

Imagine Knowing exactly what your Path and Purpose are? Knowing the steps you need to take to uplift your life into what you desire? And Allowing yourself to finally step into what and who you came here to be?

You came here to AllowMore; you weren’t born to play small and you were given gifts that only you have. We are all exceptional Human Beings with a bright, Light within. Are you feeling it?

Lucy has created a fully Guided, curated programme to bring you into Alignment with your Whole Soul Self, born from working with thousands of people across the globe and through her expansive lifetime of helping and supporting others.

Lucy has a gift to be able to communicate directly with your Inner Being, your Soul, that she shares to help YOU to form a relationship, a Connection to this Higher Power, natural part of yourself. You are body, mind and Soul, being enlightened and empowered into developing and strengthening this Non Physical aspect of you is an integral part of this world first programme. And it is for anyone who feels called to embark, after all, we all have a Soul!

As well as a curated, fully guided experience you will be working exclusively with Lucy in private online sessions during the 21 Day Soul Work Programme to Allow you to Connect, Release and Receive.

Is this experience for you?

If you feel it is, then yes! Trust your feelings, they are the most powerful guidance tool you have.

We are all unique, and there are many reasons you may resonate with that I share here of how my clients have felt and why they sought my expertise, gifts and guidance.

  • When you reach a point, a crossroads; you just KNOW that there IS more to life and you need help to GET there, to AllowMore
  • When you feel stuck, unsure and you’ve lost your mojo. You are experiencing rollercoaster emotions and often a low vibrational energy.
  • You feel held back by the past, your mindset, old energy or energy not serving you.
  • You’re unsure as to your path, purpose, Dharma or you have doubts, or lack confidence to move forward in this direction
  • You keep repeating the same patterns and attracting the same unwanted energy, people, situations.
  • Blocks that need to be released are holding you back.
  • You have an awareness or interest of Energy & Vibration and wish to develop your own gifts.
  • You are naturally curious of your own Life Path, Purpose and the direction of your Soul
  • You would like to expand your Lightworking gifts and/ or business.
  • You lack confidence (which is really Alignment).
  • You want to shine your Light.
  • You are woo woo! And you would like to explore that, develop that and come out of your spiritual closet.
  • You support and uplift so many others but you want to do the same for yourself! You give so much to others and feel depleted yourself.
  • You are way too hard on yourself and you wish you could raise your self esteem.
  • Too many times you deny yourself, feel guilty for taking time for you or investing in yourself and you want to feel good too.
  • You want hold a space for YOU and thrive, not just survive.
  • You want to discover your Soul Truths.

There is never a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our Soul Work, and Lucy’s clients love the wisdom, clarity, guidance and inspiration that she brings. Lucy has a deep wealth of knowledge, experience, qualifications and Intuitive gifts. These include being a renowned Vibrational Translator, Energy Master Healer, Usui Reiki Teacher, Breathworks & Meditation Instructor, Yoga Nidra Facilitator and recently a newly qualified Yin Yoga Teacher.

Nothing can compare though, for any of us, to our own innate Inner Wisdom and Lucy is an Honoured Guide to help you to Connect with yours.

Guided Life| Soul Work Programme with Lucy

Connect: You’re more than just mind & body, you are also Non Physical Energy, often known as a Soul. You are a Vibrational Being with Infinite Potential & Possibilities. You have a whole Team ready to guide, support and inspire you (often known as *insert belief* the Universe/ Source Energy/ Guides / Angels). Whatever labels you choose to use, Non Physical Energy is the larger part of YOU! Connection in a way that is meaningful, comforting and effective for you will be explored and developed and deepened.

Release: We all have pressures, expectations and hurts we need to release, that we carry with us. Low vibrational energy; thoughts, memories, vibrational scars that cause blocks and drain us mentally, emotionally and physically. The relief we feel, the clarity, uplifted energy, lightness, empowerment and freedom, is tangible, once we shift. I am honoured to guide people through some of the biggest releases, clearing and shifts of their lives. Your open mind and heart that have brought you here will Allow solutions, leading edge healing, energy & vibrational work to flow to you.

Receive: Many are familiar with the concepts of energy, vibration, Law of Attraction and manifesting. And yet still struggle to maintain the outlook and life they desire let alone thrive and AllowMore (AllowMore is a concept developed by Lucy to explain how by what we are Allowing Vibrationally we are directly receiving in our physical manifestations- what we can see, smell, taste, touch and hear). When you AllowMore, your desires can come IN. You will discover how to recalibrate towards your true, free self. Where YOU AllowMore.

Your Soul Work Programme offers you the opportunity to work privately with Lucy over 21 days in a fully personal, vibrational and practical programme that Lucy will guide you through using her gifts as a Vibrational Translator and Master Energy Healer. An experience described by many as being akin to ‘having your Soul read by Lucy’. It is indeed an innate part of this journey, fully showing up as all that you are with Intention of moving towards all that you can BE. This takes trust, commitment and the powerful signal from you to the Universe that you are ready to Allow yourself the time, investment and energy in yourself to AllowMore.

The Soul Work Programme offers 2hrs 30 minutes of online private sessions of Soul Work with Lucy over the 21 days. Your story, vibration, needs and journey are unique, so how we work together during this powerful process will be tailored to your needs and timetable.

You will also need to commit to a minimum of 15- 20 minutes per day over the 21 day Programme. A digital Guided Life Work Book with Soul Work tasks, tools & processes is gifted to you at the beginning as well as what arises from your private online sessions. Please ensure you are able to gift yourself this space for yourself each day, it is an important part of the programme.

Guided Life | The 21 Day Soul Work Programme with Lucy

$555 NZD

Your Discovery Call is a pre-requirement before you begin your Soul Work Programme.

Full payment must be made before your first session begins. All prices in New Zealand Dollars. Payment via Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and PayPal.

To book a free 10 min discovery call click here to take you to the contact page. Please understand that a wait list applies for the Soul Work Programme as well as an Application Process to ensure this is the opportunity for our Highest Good. All information is confidential and you will be held energetically throughout in a space of kindness, compassion and the Highest vibration.

Preparation guidelines provided upon booking.
Update: 2022- fully booked. Next intake, February 2023.

IAOTH Accredited Member

Client Feedback

‘Thank you for being so gentle and kind. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Thank you for guiding me to empower myself. Thank you for helping me to see my light.’ DH, Auckland

‘If I had of known just how much this would change my life and release me from where I was- I would of booked my session a long time ago. I have never felt more confident. I am me for the first time.’ JB, NZ

‘Lucy is at the top of her game yet seems to continually reach higher and deliver more every time I work with her. I reccomend her to all my girlfriends and we all rave about her! My life has changed for the better and best since I met her’ Auckland Client

‘I was a complete newbie to all things vibration and energy…Lucy has guided me to feeling amazing with such professionalism and warmth. She is mesmerising, powerful, gentle and an inspirational teacher and healer’. Sydney Client

‘I’m still in awe of what came up in my session last week and how you read my soul. It has helped me to change so much in my life and in me. I now feel light and clear headed. It’s been a long time since I felt this good. I thank you a million times over!’. NZ Client

‘I had no hesitations in booking with Lucy. The main benefit to my session has been the better clarity I feel, expanding my knowledge of energy and healing and realising the importance for me in grounding properly. Lucy made me feel supported and safe. I am enjoying feeling more relaxed and positive. I love that Lucy is building a community of like minded people. I would absolutely recommend Lucy’ NZ Client

Medical diagnosis or advice will not be supplied and you are advised to always consult your Medical Practitioner for diagnosis. Any guidance supplied is done so with the understanding that you use your best judgement, for the benefit of your highest good, for yourself and others.

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